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CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) will considerably improve the lives of California citizens, it’ll give them stronger data rights and even more protection.

Cassie will be able to help you achieve compliance without you having to compromise your business goals.

CPRA Compliance
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Protect individual privacy

Allow end users to take control of their preferences with granular consent controls enforced across domains, devices and platforms

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Avoid fines and brand damage

Cassie enables organizations to meet the complex requirements of CPRA and mitigate risk with a robust framework for managing consent, avoiding severe penalties and reputational damage

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Pass audit inspections

Be prepared for compliance audits with demonstrable tracking and complete history logs, alongside advanced RoPA and DSAR modules to improve efficiencies and assess risk

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Ensure data security

Cassie is SOC 2 certified, assuring organization’s data is safeguarded from unauthorized access or breaches with industry-leading encryption protocols and practices


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Centralized source of truth

Use Cassie to honor and enforce consent data via APIs and integrations at high volume, in real-time for CPRA compliance across your tech stack (CRMs, CMS, marketing automation tools, BI tools)

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Complex consent made simple

For every consent captured, Cassie can store unlimited key value pairs of additional information against those consents to unlock scalable, granular consent management