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Businesses need to understand the implications of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) on their web traffic. These features aim to enhance user privacy by curbing cross-site tracking of browsing activity. However, they also hinder legitimate tracking and analytics.

To understand the potential impact on your website analytics – use our calculator to estimate how browser privacy settings could be affecting visitor tracking and potential revenue misattribution.

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How are enhanced privacy features impacting you?

To find out how your business is impacted against industry averages, simply input some key website analytics data from your GA4 account.

The calculator will use your data to reflect how much traffic you could be misattributing or incorrectly categorising as new traffic.

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You told us that your website has sessions per month.

Based on the fact that of your traffic is on desktop, and is on mobile.

We can estimate that

of those sessions could potentially be misattributed.

Assuming your traffic split reflects the latest browser market share percentages, as shown here:

Browser Market Share Graph

That means


can't be definitively pinned down.
There's more too…

You told us that of your sessions per month, are believed to be returning visitors.
That means that the remaining

are believed to be new users.


It could be that some of these new users are returning visitors but they’re simply using browsers that have ITP tracking prevention. If we again use the latest browser market share data, it could be that:

of those “new users” are on browsers that have tracking prevention and so they might be returning visitors being incorrectly categorised.

Think about the impact that could have on your revenue reporting too.

You told us that each month your site turns over roughly . However, we know that roughly of your traffic could be using browsers that have tracking prevention in place.

This could mean that

of your site’s monthly revenue is being misattributed.

Getting your reporting right is important.

Identity Service:

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With our Identity Service, clients can securely maintain the accurate identity of returning visitors, even when browsers activate privacy settings and delete cookies. This solution enables the collection and attribution of precise data from returning visitors, facilitating campaign optimization and enhancing the overall user experience.

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