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Smart cars, smarter consent

Smart cars, smarter consent research report

Explore the latest insights on consumer perceptions of data privacy in connected cars with Cassie’s new research report, “Smart Cars, Smarter Consent.” Surveying over 600 U.S. consumers, the report uncovers concerns about automotive data privacy, emphasizing priorities such as anonymization and transparency.

In this report we consider:

  • Insights into consumer attitudes toward data privacy in connected cars
  • Emphasis on anonymization and transparency in automotive data practices
  • Concerns and considerations of drivers with tech-enabled cars
  • Exploration of the types and extent of data collected by smart vehicles
  • Identification of steps automotive makers can take to build and maintain consumer loyalty and trust
  • Relevance of granular consent options in influencing consumer choices
  • The overall demand for greater transparency within the auto industry regarding data practices
  • The need for reassurance regarding the adequate anonymization of user data

Learn more about automotive data privacy.

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